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I would like to welcome you to my blog! My name is Martin and my job is to capture the story around the World ! I used to be a passionate chef who loved spending all of his time in the kitchen, prepping the greatest dishes, but photography got introduced into my life.

In December 2017 I was still a chef at the time but the stress was getting to much and I was losing my passion for cooking, so I had to think…think quick! What next? Where to go what to do, so my searching began! 

My friend who was into photography at the time introduced me and showed me what he can do behind the camera and I got fascinated by it, but he is not the only one who inspired me!

That’s where my story begins….


[my really first time using a camera]

The search began when I first held a camera and learned the basics from my friend, as I got absolutely blown away. I started to research and learn about camera settings and what factors affects the camera. Once, I had enough money saved I got my first camera Canon EOS 1100 D and the knowledge started to flow. Firstly, I learned about the settings of that specific camera including how to set up for a shoot with different environment conditions as I knew that EVERYTHING affects that outcome of a photo, now that was hard! 

Second PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and so it went on more research, what works what doesn’t.

 Being self-taught photographer is not a walk in the park and it’s not easy money! I have spent countless amount of hours of learning and looking for inspiration. 

At the beginning I started taking photos of deers in Richmond Park, Surrey, United Kingdom. 

At the beginning no-one is perfect, but step by step I learned my way, I have spent the first few months in this park waiting and waiting for the perfect shot but they did not  come easy. 


[My favourite picture with my first camera]

Once I got more familiar with my camera and deers hahaha! I extended my field and went to different location Bushy Park in UK. Now that’s where I saw my progress as I felt myself being more confident and not struggling with what set up I need for the camera I JUST KNEW. Eventually I get to the point where I started taking more creative pictures different angles, different settings, playing with the lights etc..

After realising that I was pushing my really beginner camera to its limit I had to think about upgrading. My decision was to go with a Nikon D5300 camera. Such a great camera, I loved every moments with it. After selling that camera I bought a pro camera which was the D500 by Nikon. Thankfully for the 10 FPS and the great auto focus system  I tried out shooting fast moving subject. The D500 had an exceptional 3D focus tracking option which was super handy at shooting sport or flying birds._DSC7075


It was end of January 2018, I have made a life changing decision. Wanted to become full time photographer and  make a living out of it! Thousands of questions had gone through my mind. Where to start? What do I wanna take pictures of? How much more I need to invest? How do I find clients etc…

Some of the questions are still unanswered but with patience I will get them sooner or later…

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