My journey to Indonesia

Indonesia, Jakarta, September 2018

I traveled to Indonesia in September to photograph behind a scene for a making of a campaign video for ETIHAD Airways. It was my first journey to Asia. I was very excited about this project as I knew that I was going to the unknown. My first experience I will never forget was to fly with an Airbus A380 aircraft. This plane is enormous and it’s like a dream. 

I had done my research about Indonesia what to expect from this country. Most of the reviews mentioned the terrific traffic. Well, the one hour journey took us 2,5 hours just from the airport to the hotel. 

The first location of this campaign video was gorgeous. Managed to get some fantastic stills.

Obviously, these traveling videos would not be as affective if the locals don’t get involved.

At the end of the first day we went back to the hotel for dinner. We had a super early morning the next day as we left Jakarta to an Island which was an hour boat trip. 

We had a lovely journey to the island seeing some incredible landscapes..

Paradise that is what I could say about the tiny island we arrived to. It seemed like that time has stopped hundreds years ago. The island had no cars, no WIFI. The locals are really friendly and helpful. Absolutely loved that 24 hours we spent there.

Our last day of filming was at the Chinese market in Jakarta. You definitely experience something you don’t really in Europe. It is a life experience.

See the video  HERE

and check out my documentary images of this trip 

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