Let me give you an idea of the round about way I picked up a camera and found a new love.

Most of my life has revolved around being a chef. In 2012 after finishing culinary school in Hungary I had no idea what to do next. So at the age of 20 I moved to London and carried on being a chef. Being tired of cooking I thought I should explore what else is out there. To be where I am now I have my friend to thank for who would let me to use his camera. So, In December 2016 I bought my first camera and began my journey.

In 2017 after getting to know how to use a camera and manipulate lights and surroundings  I decided to attend a seminar where I could learn how to take my career to the next level. On this event I met a guy who eventually became my mentor.

Carl Stanley who is an event photographer, without his help I would not be this experienced and would not know the things I do now.

I am so grateful to have met him.




“We had the pleasure of having Martin as our wedding photographer on 31-08-18. Martin was able to capture our memories in the best way from group family photos to candid shots with our family and friends. He made us all feel very comfortable throughout the day, even taking extra shots of our daughter on request.Continue reading “Chelseà Sweeney”

Chelseà Sweeney


Photography has taken me to quite a few countries in a very short period of time:

Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 20.55.46


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